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Some sites on the Net where my work is published. This is not an all-inclusive list.

Rachel Dacus's Pages
Rachel is an excellent poet and author, and I'm honored that she selected me as a feature poet at her site. You'll find much of interest by different writers here, and some fine links as well.

Fairfield Review
Here you'll find the sonnet, "Reading with Mira." This is the first time I've published in this literary journal, and I'm delighted to share it with you.

Poem Kingdom: KayDay, selected poems
I judged a contest for this site; it's a multi-layered site with lots of interesting areas for writers. Several of my poems appear with a brief biography.

Poetry at suite101.com
A collection of articles, links, news, and calls for submission.
Message boards are used by members to share poems, or post them for critique. I created the site several years ago; it is now archived.Note: this url changed 10-9-00 to:
A selection of poems when I was featured poet at this fine site.
The site offers classifieds, news, poetry, and much of interest.

Adirondack Review
A new zine featuring some of my poetry. Many fine writers
are part of the inaugural issue.

Poems for Poetry Month2000
Since I started editing for suite101.com, I always share
some of my poetry with our readers in honor of Poetry Month each April.

Pif Magazine
Pif was one of the first on the Net to publish my poetry.

This zine is where you will find my essay on the world's first
poet in recorded history, Enheduanna, who lived around 2300BC.
Editor CK Tower nominated this essay for inclusion in
the Pushcart Press anthology.

Free Cuisenart
Here you will find some of my poetry especially relevant to
women. This is an eclectic magazine that offers great reading.

I've just begun to write for Themestream. Some articles include
"Hazards for the Beginning Writer," "Publishing Tips," and "Linda Sue Park."
I write the topic Absolute Writer.
Themestream has a great assortment of sites
for writers, and many other topics of interest as well.
To find my work, enter my name
in the search engine. For some reason, we can't
link directly to articles at this time.

Use the search box above to find news and info related
to poetry at about.com.

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